9/26/19 Meeting Minutes

9/26/19 meeting held at Lemont Police Department

7:00pm-- All Board members present 

Budget discussion: Ongoing costs include insurance, grounds keeping, pond maintenance, website, summer block party

                -Suggestion to move Easter egg hunt funds to the summer block party due to lack of participation and it being hard to plan because of the iffy weather.

                                -Board Approved

                -Suggestion to seasonally decorate the front entrances with pumpkins and hay bales for fall and lights in the winter

                                -All Board like the idea and is set to price out decorations


                -Discussion on new beautification projects around the neighborhood:

-Add new landscaping such as flowers/trees/bushes

                                -All need to be priced out with a landscaper

                                -Can ComEd take down the old rusted towers?                

                                                -We will call ComEd to discuss the issue

                                -2 areas of standing water on sidewalks

 (front West on Dunmoor + Dunmoor & Tullamore)

                                                -We will call Frank to discuss a solution


Annual Meeting discussion: Date/Time/Place/Agenda

                -Thursday, November 14th, 7:00pm @ Lemont Police Department

                -Agenda to include 2019 completed projects, 2020 budget proposal, future projects, elections, stop sign/speeding update, and misc.


Elections: 3 Board Member positions up for election

                -Candidates to have their names submitted to the Board BY OCT 31

                -Candidates’ names on website for all residents to view by Nov. 1

                -All Proxy Votes must be submitted to the Board BY NOV. 11th

                -All submissions will shall be submitted via the new website for easy collection and cataloguing.


8:30pm- Meeting adjourned


The Glens of Connemara
Lemont, IL 60439


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